Our Story

Wolz Handmade's journey began over a decade ago when Margo started knitting scarves, evolving from a simple act into something extraordinary. A serendipitous discovery of felted wool led to the creation of a captivating clutch, giving birth to Wolz Handmade Foundation.  

Each piece is hand-knitted with soft, pliable 100% sheep wool. Through a meticulous felting process involving hot water and agitation, a magical transformation occurs—resulting in a denser, more durable, and beautifully textured product with a felted touch.

Established in April 2012 in Rotterdam, Wolz is more than a brand; it's a heartfelt endeavor. Rooted in love, each piece embodies our motto, 'Knitted with Love' which reflects our commitment to philanthropy. Every purchase contributes to our charitable initiatives, making your journey with us even more meaningful.

With the incredible support of our clients, we've successfully raised an amazing donation totaling €38,680.

Let's keep the momentum going—there's so much more good we can do together.