With the incredible support of our clients, we've successfully raised an amazing donation totaling €38,680.


Since 2012, Wolz has directed all of its profits to impactful causes, driven by a genuine love for making a difference. Among its primary beneficiaries: Stichting Ladder (, a foundation, who together with local partners transforms, thru education, the lives of a poverty-stricken village, Tamil Nadu in South India. Teaming up with it's villagers, Stichting Ladder empowers disadvantaged young people enabling them to ascend socially and pursue higher education opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach.

From 2013 to 2018, Wolz broadened its philanthropic efforts to encompass the Linda Foundation (, dedicated to supporting families with children facing financial hardships in Holland. Through our contributions, we assisted in furthering their noble mission, aiding those in need within our local commuity.

While we support several other charitable organisations, these two are our primary focus.